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UNPOLISHED+ Gel, Acrylic & Dip Powder Nail Remover

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Introducing UNPOLISHED+, the acetone-free solution for quicker and easier nail product removal. Our water-based formula swiftly softens and dissolves gel, acrylics, and dip powder in minutes. Elevate your nail care routine with UNPOLISHED+, where efficiency meets an advanced formula, ensuring a clean slate every time:

  • Quick-acting and acetone-free formula 
  • Removes gel, acrylics and dip powder
  • Compatible with all brands
  • Gently softens and dissolves for a hassle-free experience
  • Perfect for both at-home use and professional salons
  • Size: 15mL (0.50 fl.oz)

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  • Acetone-Free Formula: Embrace a gentler approach to nail care with our water-based formula, free from harsh acetone.
  • All-In-One Removal: Bid farewell to stubborn gel polish, acrylics, and dip powder effortlessly.
  • Quick-Acting Marvel: Witness the magic unfold in just 4-5 minutes! Our swift formula efficiently softens nail products, making removal a breeze.
  • Brand Compatibility: UNPOLISHED+ is compatible with all brands. Achieve stress-free removal, regardless of your favorite nail product.


1. Lightly file your nails to break the nail product seal.

2. Apply UNPOLISHED+ to your nails, making sure to cover the nail product entirely. Avoid all skin contact.

3. Let product sit on nail product for 4-5 minutes. UNPOLISHED+ will begin to visibly dissolve and soften nail product.

4. Use a cuticle pusher to remove any softened or lifted product then use a buffer to remove the remaining. Pro Tip: Before pushing and buffing, wipe off any excess UNPOLISHED+ with a lint-free wipe and alcohol. 

5. Repeat steps 2-4 on any remaining nail product.

6. Finish by washing hands with soap and water then moisturize. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

What a fabulous product! This has made gel removal so simple and mess free!

Lydia Fraughton
Skeptic turned die hard

I was sooo skeptical of this product at first, but I purchased during a sale so it wouldn’t be skin off my back if it wasn’t great. This is a GAMECHANGER product. I’ve put off doing my nails because removal can be a pain, with this it takes a fraction of the time and even less effort. This has absolutely improved my whole experience when doing a manicure. I’ve added a pic of just 2 mins after application, within 5 mins I could push all my polish off with a cuticle pusher. Amazing product.


Ok I’ll be honest I wasn’t overly impressed with the gel. It was messy, it ALWAYS oozes out making the cap impossible to get back on and, well, it didn’t really work. I was doubtful about this but the reviews got my attention. I have SUPER thin/ weak nails. Always have. Removal is always a little bit of a nightmare and let’s face it if you are doing a removal on someone else with this condition it’s a little scary. (Years ago I had a tech actually rip my gel extensions off. I actually bled. Another customer actually told me I deserved the tears for having had gel extensions. Seriously)

I had the pink builder x on. I broke the surface with a file and painted a single layer of the remover and waited about 10 minutes just to be sure. The gel practically wiped off!!!!

Ive had more trouble removing glitter nail polish!!!

This is the greatest invention since artificial nails. I haven’t tried with acrylic yet but I can say with absolute certainty to anyone wondering about getting gel nails that I can EASILY remove them at any time painlessly and without damaging the nail.

This also means clients can change their minds/ style so if they have an event or need to be extension free for something temporarily you can do so and then put a new set on whenever they are ready. This is a game changer. Someone said “magic” and it really is

I will post again soon with photos


Brandi Hutchison

It dissolves gel so easily with no mess. Love it.

Nandini Kulshreshtha
Worth every penny!!!!!

It's a magic in a bottle. I really like this product because all you have to do is file a bit to remove the top layer and then apply it. Then gently removes all the product from the nail by scrapping it off.
No more filing the nails as I never liked it as it can damage the real nail and create issues. This stuff is absolutely amazing!! must try 100%

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