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Introducing our Intermediate Starter Kit – the ideal choice for nail enthusiasts, seasoned students, and emerging professionals ready to enhance their skills and expand their services! This thoughtfully curated kit equips you with your choice of three top selling shades, essential products and tools to elevate your manicure and pedicure game, fostering growth in your nail care journey.

We do our best to show you our products in their true colors. But keep in mind, your device's settings and resolutions can make them look a tad different from real life 😉🎨

Matching Set #05 Cotton Angel temporarily replaced with Matching Set#1009 Snow Bare as most similar shade.

The Intermediate Starter Kit includes the following full-sized products ($335.00 value): 

Ideal for professional use. 

The U-Light Pro 6 Lamp features 48W double LED/UV light source to cure all types of gel products.  This is a light-weight, powerful and reliable professional lamp for all salon services. Piano lacquer gloss white finish. 

Enjoy a multitude of professional features including:

  • Gradual Cure Function: eliminates heat spikes during curing with a push of a button. Ideal for sensitive nails and Sculpting Gel System
  • Motion-activated start and finish 
  • LED digital countdown screen with 10 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds timer
  • Removable magnetic bottom tray for gel pedicures


  • 1 x U-Light Pro 6 LED/UV Lamp (48W)
    Features double LED/UV light source to cure all types of gel products with Gradual Cure function.
  • 1 x Removable Magnetic Bottom Tray
    Remove tray for easy gel pedicures.
  • 1 x Power Adapter Cord
  • 30-Day Limited Manufacturer Warranty

  • Specifications:
    Colour: Piano Lacquer Gloss White
    Dimensions: 8" x 7.5'' x 3.5"
    Power: 48W
    100-240V 50-60HZ 1A
    Wave length: 365+405nm


1. Connect AC power adapter.

2. Press ON/OFF button to turn lamp on.

3. Select timer option below:

A) For no-timer use: place hand or foot into lamp for motion-activated 120 seconds of operation.

B) For timer use: select desired 10/30/60 second timer and place hand or foot into lamp for motion-activated start. 

4. The LED digital countdown screen will begin and end once timer finishes.

5. Always disconnect from AC power adapter when finished with use. 

The Gradual Cure Function allows for a gradual and controlled LED/UV light release. This is ideal for sensitive nails and Sculpting Gel System use to eliminate heat spikes during curing time.


1. Once lamp is turned on, press the Gradual Cure button.

2. An automatic 99 second timer will be applied and the lamp will ready for motion-activated start. Place hand or foot to begin cure time. 

3. During this time, the U-Light Pro 6 will start off at a lower wattage and gradually increase wattage for a comfortable cure until reaching the full 48W of power.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Anna Arent
Nice kit

Great starter kit! My girls love it. It saves a lot of money with three daughters. It keeps them busy.

Kyrstin Stewart
intermediate starter kit

Great starter kit!! it comes with everything you need! So glad i started with this kit!

Amazing kit to start!

Decided to treat myself and work on my nails for my birthday this year and this kit delivered most of the essentials I needed to start! Love the colors they included for the polishes and quality of every product.

Narges :)
Perfect kit!

All I needed to start doing my nails and just in love with the colors that come with it! :)

Tori Faber
Great Value!

Everything you need to start a basic gel nail kit

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