Tropical Getaway Collection #65-76

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Have some serious fun in the sun with these hot neons and dazzling glitters.
Colour Collections

Tropical Getaway: 3STEP Colour Gel Collection
Individual Size: 15 mL(0.50 fl.oz) each


65 Blueberry - Blue raspberry, jelly finish
66 Papaya - Neon orange, jelly finish
67 Passionfruit - Neon fuchsia pink, jelly finish
68 Kiwi - Neon lime green, jelly finish
69 Watermelon - Neon hot pink, jelly finish
70 Red Delicious - Apple red, solid finish
71 Pina Colada - Light gold silver glitter, sheer finish
72 Bahama Mama - Yellow gold glitter, solid finish
73 Purple Passion - Bright purple glitter, solid finish
74 Daiquiri - Baby pink glitter, solid finish
75 Blue Hawaii - Turquoise glitter, solid finish
76 Cyclone - Royal blue glitter, solid finish

  • Provides up to 7 or more days of wear
  • Applies onto natural nail or over artificial extensions
  • No discolouration
  • Air-dry with no LED/UV lamps needed
  • Easy wipe-off removal with acetone/nail polish remover

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