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Create nail magic through length and strength with our Sculpt Essentials Set. Unleash your creativity and sculpt stunning nails effortlessly with our star product, Builder X Sculpting Gel. This trio set also includes Sculpting Forms for precision and a professional gel brush for seamless application. 

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Perfect Delivery

Shauna Stewart
Love everything Bio Seaweed Gel!!!

I love this kit, it is exactly what I was looking for. I have only began my diy nails journey and started with polygel. This builder gel is so much easier to use. The brush is amazing and the nail forms are my fave.

Excellent Product

This was my first time using soft gel as I am a DIY’er and have only used Polygel. It is easy to use and self levels like a dream. Definitely will be buying again.

Ashley Carruthers

I am so so impressed by the builder ex sculpting gel. I have never found success in doing my own nails prior to this experience. At first, the application of the builder gel was tricky, but with practice, I gained the ability to apply it with a little bit more accuracy. Things didn’t start to look good until I filed and shaped the final nail. I am so happy with what I think it are salon results.

Stacy C
Pretty good, but there’s a learning curve

Love how it looks but a little tricky applying. It definitely requires some skill. The extensions I created broke off before a week but I think I didn’t make the layer thick enough.

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