Dust-Free Essentials Set

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Transform your nail space into a healthier haven with our Dust-Free Essentials Set! This exclusive set features a high-performance Dust Collector, meticulously crafted to minimize dust, creating a cleaner and more comfortable environment. Accompanied by two replacement Dust Collector Filters, this value set ensures a continuous and healthier atmosphere for you and your clients. Breathe easier and let our Dust-Free Essentials Set enhance your nail experience! 

    • Dust Collector Includes:
      1 x BSG Dust Collector (40W)a
      1 x Dust Collector Filter Preloaded
      1 x Power Adapter

    • Specifications:
      Model: 2.0 with quieter operation
      Colour: Off-White

      Full Dimensions: 9" x 7'' x 3"
      Vent Dimensions: 7" x 6''
      Power: 40W
      AC 110V-240V 50-60HZ
    • How to Clean: 
      Clean and empty filters by tapping into a trash can.
      Do not wash with water.
      Recommended to replace every 6 months.

    • Specifications:
      Full Dimensions: 7.09" x 7.09"

    1. Connect AC/DC power adapter to Dust Collector.

    2. Plug adapter into wall. 

    2. Push button to start vacuum operation. 

    3. Push button to end vacuum operation.

    4. Clean and empty Dust Collector Filter by tapping into a trash can. Do not wash with water. Recommended replacement of filter is every 6 months of daily use. 

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