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Why was Hue Mystery Subscription Box created?

Hue was created to help make your next manicure and pedicure a stress-free and fun experience! We select the season's top five colours in all different hues so that you can enjoy on-trend and seasonal nails without the guesswork.

Hue Mystery Subscription Boxes are at an unbeatable value and is the perfect subscription plan for both new and existing users of BSG.

Hue keeps it exciting, mysterious and fresh to choose colours for your next set or nail art!

What type of colours can I expect to receive from the Hue Mystery Subscription Box?
In every box, you can expect to receive five mystery colours in all different hues and BSG formulas – gel, lacquer and dip powder. The colours will always be a different shade (hue!) from black, blue, green, grey, nude, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow. While you will never receive the same hue twice in a box (ex. two reds), colour finishes may vary from solid to sparkles to shimmers.

Why is the price of my Hue Subscription Plan not showing up correctly in my cart? It is more expensive than advertised.
You must enter the respective discount code at check-out to receive the unbeatable discounted price of all Hue Subscription Plans.






1 Box




Save 51%

2 Boxes




Save 56%

3 Boxes




Save 57%

4 Boxes




Save 58%

How does payment work for the Hue Mystery Subscription Box Plans?
We made it simple by offering Hue as a one-time subscription purchase. You only pay once, upfront and we will automatically ship out your box(es). We will not charge you monthly - no hidden fees, no reoccurring charges!

How does the automatic and free shipping work?
All Hue Mystery Subscription Boxes come with free shipping.
You will be emailed tracking information upon fulfilment.

Your box will be shipped out within the first week of successfully placing your order.

If you subscribe to any 2+ box plans, your next box will be automatically be shipped out within the first week of the new season(s).

If you need to change your delivery date for any reason, please contact us at onlinesales@bioseaweedgel.com with your name, order number and desired delivery date.

How long are each Hue Mystery Subscription Boxes available for?
Each Hue Mystery Box is only available during the noted seasonal dates:

Summer 2021  Available Now - September 21, 2021
Fall 2021 September 22 - December 21, 2021 
Winter 2022 December 22 - March 20, 2021
Spring 2022 March 21 - June 21, 2021

For example, you can only purchase the Summer 2021 box from now until September 21, 2021. This box will be unavailable after this time. 
You can only purchase the Winter 2022 box from December 22 - March 20, 2021, you cannot purchase this box any sooner or later than this date.

What if I do not like the Hue Mystery Colours I received or I already own them? Can I exchange or refund them?
All Hue Mystery Colours are curated and selected carefully to match each four North American seasons; summer, fall, winter & spring. Hue is meant to be a fun experience, where we choose your next manicure & pedicure colour for you. In the case that you do receive a colour you already own, know that you received at the best restock price!

At this time, Hue Mystery Colours are final sale and you cannot exchange or refund Hue Mystery Colours once received.

Can I request specific Hue Mystery Colours in my subscription plan?
No, you cannot request specific Hue Mystery Colours as this takes away the mystery, fun and professional seasonal selections from our team! 

What is the free limited edition BSG Merch included in each box?
We make our #BSGSquad proud by offering free and exclusive merch in each Hue Mystery Subscription box! These items are not available for sale anywhere else and are only for Hue subscribers. The limited edition BSG Merch is worth $30 and may include multiple items. Any apparel is unisex size. 

Can I order additional items with my Hue Mystery Subscription Box?
Yes, you can shop and add any additional items into your cart with your Hue Mystery Subscription Box. Any additional items will be shipped out with the first box shipment.

Can I cancel my Hue Subscription Box?
All Hue Mystery Subscription Box Plans cannot be cancelled as soon as they are fulfilled and shipped out from our warehouses. If you are on any 2+ boxes plan, you cannot cancel anytime after the first box is fulfilled. 

At that time, all sales are final with no exchange or refunds. 

Please email us at onlinesales@bioseaweedgel.com with your name, email and order number as soon as possible for help to cancel any unshipped subscriptions.