• 1 x BeBio Base Coat (15mL/0.50 fl.oz)
    Stain-free base foundation.
  • 1 x BeBio Top Coat (15mL/0.50 fl.oz)
    Luminous shiny finish. 
  • 1 x BeBio Matte Top Coat (15mL/0.50 fl.oz)
    Soft look and matte finish.
  • 3 x BeBio Nail Lacquer (15mL/0.50 fl.oz each)
    Traditional high quality air-dry colours in:
    05 Cotton AngelCloud pink-white, sheer finish
    46 ScarletDeep oxblood, solid finish
    83 Are You ShoreNude sandy brown, solid finish
  • 1 x Professional Gel Buffer (240/280 grit)
    Ultra-soft grit buffer for gentle prep and removal.
  • 1 x Printed Nail File (100/180 grit)
    Reversible and ultra-slim nail file.
  • 3 x PediKit (4pc/set)
    Includes individual use file, buffer, pumice file and orangewood stick for prep and removal.
  • 1 x Lint-Free Wipes (100pc/pack)
    Soft, absorbent and sanitary for prep and removal.
  • 1 x UNPOLISHED Gel Mask Nail Remover (118 mL/4 fl.oz) 
    Gentle non-drip gel mask that effectively removes nail lacquer, gel product and dip powder. 

    Not included in kit: 70% alcohol or 100% acetone
    Colours change seasonally.