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Sculpting Gel Starter Kit

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Our Sculpting Gel Starter Kit is the go-to solution for nail enthusiasts, students, and emerging professionals seeking to master the art of sculpted nails! This all-inclusive kit equips you with the complete set of our Sculpting Gel System, allowing you to effortlessly create nail strength and stunning artificial enhancements. Dive into the world of sculpting with confidence and precision.

The Sculpting Gel Starter Kit includes the following full-sized products ($250 value): 
  • Strengthen gel overlays, fortify artificial tip or sculpting extensions
  • No primers or bonders required
  • No heavy sanding required prior to application
  • No staining or discolouration to nails
  • No air-dry time, cures in LED/UV lamp
  • Self-leveling formula
  • Flexible and does not crack
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • Easy soak-off removal 30+ applications per jar

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Actually really nice.

I have used many different builder gels. This one is actually surprisingly amazing. I won this in an Instagram giveaway. Using it had a little bit of a learning curve, but after I got the hang of manipulating the gel then send result was phenomenal. The way it self leveled makes it great for beginners and pros alike

Leona Balalonts
BSG Starter Kit

I love the BSG starter kit! It is fairly easy to use, but definitely needs practice. I’ve always done my own gel mani/pedi, but it always started peeling after a few days. I’m going on day 5 now since doing my own nails with the kit, and did a gel overlay with the BSG Sugar gel polish (amazing color!!!). My first attempt with this kit was failed because I missed a crucial step after applying the builder gel…I didn’t buff it out after curing it so I feel like it stayed tacky and didn’t cure well after the gel and top coats. I had to remove them, and I peeled them off (I know that’s bad) but surprisingly my nails were not damaged!!!! Anytime I peel my gel off my nails are peeling with it, but the BSG products actually kept my nails pretty healthy and they actually grew a bit too. I definitely recommend this product and I’m going to order another builder jar that I want to try out! I have the clear builder but will be ordering the pink one!

Great sculpting system!

This is a great starter kit whether using for gel overlays for strength or extensions. It is self leveling making it very easy to apply!

Best ever sculpting gel system

When I’m needing some extra strength and a more refined shape to my nails this gel system is my go to. It’s easy to use and easy to remove and the pink builder color on its own gives my nails the most beautiful natural color no need for additional polish.

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