BSG Interview: Kandi Yamz

Welcome to our blog! Today we share something we have been secretly working on. We are so excited to launch our new BSG interviews! Thank you to our friends from Clawgasmic for the inspiration.

Get to know our favourite nail artists a bit better, and why they choose #BioSeaweedGel!

For our first interview, we are so honoured to share with you our interview with Miss @KandiYamz

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Since the moment we came across Kandi's Instagram page, (in 2013) we were in love! She is a ray of sunshine! Completely honest, genuine, adorable, hilarious and is an incredibly talented young lady! It all started with a small BSG care package. Never would we have imagined the unconditional support Kandi has been to our company. Thank you Kandi for your continued love and support, we love you! 

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your nickname? When is your birthday? What is your favourite food? 

Name: Kandi Banks
Nickname: KandiYamz
Birthday? March 21st "Im the definition if an Aries lol"
Favourite food? "Ha, how can I pick just one? I loooove food!!"
Location: Glendale, California 
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2) How did you get into the nail business? How long has it been? What do you like best about the nail industry? 

"It was an accident. I was an artist first. I started doing designs on myself after I saw my room mates nails. It will be 7 years this year that I have been doing nails. What do I like best about the nail industry? All the diversity it has to offer."

3) When you are not doing nails, what are your top 3 hobbies?

"Now that Im a mother, my 3 hobbies are: Netflix, sleep, and scrolling through Instagram lol. Before I became a mother and a super busy nail artist.. I enjoyed acrylic painting on canvases, shopping, and doing random spontaneous things."

Awww, Blaise is so beautiful <3 He got it from his mama!

4) How did you hear of BSG and when?
"Bio Seaweed Gel reached out to me in 2013. I tried the 5 or 6 colors and noticed my clients nails weren't chipping after an extended period of time. The removal process was easy too and I immediately fell in love. I have been hooked ever since!"
Did you know that in 2014 we hosted a nail art contest with Kandi on Instagram?!
Did you enter? We will be teaming up for a round 2 soon! 
5) What do you like best about our Bio Seaweed Gel products?
"I love how long it stays, as well as its removal time."
6) Describe BSG in 3 words: "The Best Ever!"
 7) What is your personal favourite BSG colour?

"Ha, Kandiyamz of course.. when I'm not being biased, its Rose Gold."

8) Show us your top 3 favourite nails you’ve done with BSG! 
Above Kandi used entire #BSGCarnival Collection!


Above is #80 Shipwreck (BSG will be releasing a Matte Top coat soon!)

9) If you could create your own BSG colour, what colour would it be and what will you name it?

"Already done! If I had a chance to do another, it would be a really soft mint color. The name would be "Dude You Need A Mint"."

Did you know that we teamed up with Kandi for our Summer 2016 collection? Click the pic below to check out all the colours! Click here to watch our collection video featuring Kandi herself! 

10) Any tips or guidance you can offer for new nail techs?
"1. Use BSG base and top always! 2. Work hard, study other nail technicians to see what you can improve on. Have fun at work."
Thank you Kandi for taking the time to share your BSG love with us and the world! 
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