Say I Do To These Perfect Shades

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Say I Do To These Perfect Shades

Attention all attendees of weddings this summer! Whether you are the one tying the knot, a bridesmaid or a wedding guest, we have the perfect neutrals and romantic tones for you.

Before we get into the colours and looks we have an announcement we’d like to share regarding the posting schedule of the weekly blog posts! Starting today, May 12th 2021, new blog posts content will be shared on a bi-weekly posting schedule ♡

Now, let’s get back to the main attraction: Let’s say I do to these perfect wedding shades and looks…

The Classic

05 Cotton Angel is a classic sheer nude that looks great against any skin tone! It serves as the perfect base for a French manicure or paired with minimal nail foil art as seen below.

Nude Browns

Not all nudes fit the same and nude doesn’t always mean a pink base! We love this minimal wavy line work done using varying shades of brown like 44 Java, 184 Gingerbread and 1010 Sugar Cookie.

A White Nail Moment

We love a white nail moment, especially for the summer time! Wear it solid, or as an abstract design like the one below, using 101 Snow White and 278 Jelly Bean.

My Nails but Opalescent

02 Seashell gives us the perfect “my nail but opalescent” colour. We love the subtle multi colour effect this shade gives without it being ‘too much’ colour. Besides diamonds, pearls are also our best friends.

Something Blue

84 Hydrangea is a gorgeous soft baby blue that could be your ‘something blue’ regardless if you are tying the knot or not (pun intended).

A Cult Favourite Pink

172 Toffee is definitely a BSG favourite, wear alone as a solid or use as the base colour for a different take at a French manicure. What other perfect time is there to wear one of our number one colours than on your special day?

Soft Taupe-Grey

Wedding season doesn’t always mean a pink or nude skin tone shade – 57 Mousse is a soft taupe-grey which is always a great neutral choice! We love both looks below and how adding Swarovski crystals or having a glitter accent nail really elevates the entire look!

For the Trendy Wedding Guest

This look is perfect for the trendy wedding guest, a classic French manicure featuring a fun bright summer colour like 287 Better in A Bikini. This look is also perfect for a destination wedding - wedding ready and vacation ready!


Catch the bouquet and wear it too. Have it drawn on and paired against a light brown like 253 Halifax  or encapsulate dried flowers and pair with a sheer shade like 278 Jelly Bean.


Let us know which look was your favourite and what colour or look you would wear whether you're the one tying knot, in the wedding party or as a wedding guest. 

Every comment will also double as an entry for a chance to win a $25 BSG e-Gift card. One winner will be contacted by email on May 26th 2021. Must be 18+ to enter and a resident of USA.

*Update: Giveaway closed, winner is Maricruz.


These are such beautiful shades

Adriane N Green July 13, 2023

Seashell is always a favorite of mine, but colored french manicures are at the top of my list too!!!

Kathryn May 13, 2021

I think 02 Seashell is must in my next order. Mlxvenails makes me want to up my art game with their encapsulated flowers!

Cyd Val May 12, 2021


Samantha May 12, 2021

omg such beautiful designs, it would be so hard to decide for a wedding day 🥰😍

Maricruz May 12, 2021

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