Let's Take A Salon Tour

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Let's Take A Salon Tour

From coast to coast, we reached out to a few our favourite nail artists and asked them to show us their places of (art) work and their BSG collections! We are excited to share with you how our beloved #BSGSquad represents Bio Seaweed Gel all around the world.

Join us as we take you around the map to showcase the places where the magic happens for some of our favourite nail professionals in the industry! We also get a few words from them on their nail space inspiration. 

@alyssanailtech | Syracuse, NY

On the inspiration behind the aesthetic of her space, Alyssa shares with us…

"I was striving for a really chill peaceful environment with modern touches for my clients to come and unwind. The blue wallpaper lends a spa vibe and the gold accents and chairs lend a modern twist so it’s a got a really great vibe to do nails!"

@brionnalmoore | New Castle, PA

On Brionna’s favourite spot in her salon…

"My favorite spot in my salon is my floral wall I just put up with my husband because I love greenery but I can’t keep real plants alive."

@clawgasmic | Basingstoke, UK


Although she is no longer doing nails on clients, Chantelle (aka Chan of Clawgasmic) is still present in the nail industry and shares with us her studio! Chan writes…

“I love the nail industry and have been doing nails now for 17 years. I ran my own salon for 7 years and now run an online training and coaching website with my partner Jouvan. We currently have 154 nail art tutorials available that people can watch whenever they like, we release new tutorials every single week and our goal is to help, inspire and support as many nail techs as we possibly can while creating a safe and positive place for them to learn.”

@denisenails_yeg | Edmonton, AB

Denise shares with us her favourite spot in her home salon is the couch and waiting area. When asked where she gets her design inspiration from, she writes…

"To be honest I am inspired by all the nails technician on social media, Helen, Chaun Legend, Tim, Evon Yen Vuong”

@gocaranzanails | Highland Park, CA


Incorporating nature as much as she can in her space, Guadalupe says…

“For my space I wanted to make it cozy, homey but at the same time breathable with a lot of nature. I have so many plants around!! I have larger windows and, in the evenings, clients can see the sunset behind us.”

@nailzbydev | Largo, FL

Devin takes us back to the 2000’s with her salon Nail Addicts and we are loving the nostalgia!

“Nail Addicts is more than a nail salon, it’s a flashback to the care-free days of the 90’s and early 2000’s. From the old school music videos playing on the TV, to the thrifted toys and decor, our space is sure to bring that happy sense of nostalgia—-it’s a creative space with a vintage chic twist that carries high end nail brands and specializes in hand painted nail art.”

@ricekittynails | Orange County, CA


How cute is this space!? Diana shares with us her inspiration, pulling from where she resides…

“My inspirations for my nail space is Tropical Blush Pink. Since I live in SoCal I wanted my nail space to have a feminine and tropic feel.”

@showmea_vanity | Saint-Laurent, QC

We love how clean and simple Shaumeya’s space is. She tells us…

“I envisioned my studio to have a warm yet welcoming ambiance allowing my clients to feel comfortable and relaxed so they can enjoy their appointment start to finish. I wanted to incorporate all things I enjoy without overpowering each other so that's where the marble, gold accent and my obsession with the color blue come into play. I also enjoy a touch of greenery and wanted to express my love for dogs with the box sign. 💙”

@yesicanails | Anaheim, CA

Check out that collection! Absolute beauty, Yesica shares with us on her space…

“My space continues to change to provide a chill environment. I love for my clients to come in and feel at peace so that they take this time to relax and not think about anything else🖤

We loved seeing everyone’s salon and how each artist’s unique style is translated not just on nails but in their work space.

If you are looking for a salon near you that uses Bio Seaweed Gel, be sure to use our find-a-salon feature on our website to help! If you are a professional that uses BSG and would love to be listed, make sure to fill out this online application.

Let us know in the comments below who your favourite nail artist is; whether it is your personal nail tech who does your nails or a fellow artist in the industry whose work inspires you. Make sure you leave their Instagram handle so we can check them out!

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*Update: Giveaway closed, winner is Danielle Day.


@krocaine is so bombbbb!!!! @delaneyjade is so good too!!!

Dee April 30, 2021

Just recieved one of my orders and cant wait to try them. My nail tech will be thrilled to try these as well. #BSGSquad

Nina Hamann April 28, 2021

Wow! These salon spaces and their owners are so beautiful and inspiring! I am in cosmetology school and hope to own my own salon one day, so this is giving me so many ideas and sparking my creativity. I also follow a couple of these people on Instagram and their work is INCREDIBLE! The manicuring teacher at my school Tina Porter is AMAZING! I’m also loving @babenailz and @lonnanailedit !! Incredible work, gorgeous ladies!

Danielle Day April 28, 2021

Honestly there are too many incredible nail friends to choose just one! I love the positive energy from @dznailztho, she is always uplifting her clients and nail community. My friend @chelseas_nails is down to earth, caring, as well as super creative!

Brittney April 28, 2021

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