Four Brand New Shades for Fall 2022

Update as of 09.14.2022: In Vogue Fall 2022 Collection is now available to sign up for launch notification.
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Express yourself in unique hues from the Fall 2022 In Vogue Collection, a palette inspired by the à la mode styles of the runway.

Hello September and to the Bio Seaweed Gel Fall 2022 Collection, In VogueWe are excited for the Autumn season’s premiere of our newest collection on September 20th, 2022.

In this edition of Beyond the Paint, we share with you the fashionable inside story on the creative imagining and innovation of the Fall 2022 Collection! Cooler days and nights call for an energy boost and the inspiration behind our new Fall Collection was all about boosting vitality and the celebration of the season’s shift! You may notice these are not your average Autumn nail polish colours, we love a good dark nail moment but the In Vouge Collection is our refreshing contrast to the end of Summer.   


The In Vogue Fall 2022 Collection pulls inspiration from the opulent shades and textiles seen on the runways of Fall Fashion Week. We took the à la mode styles and grandiose fashions of the catwalk and transformed them into daily wearable Fall nail colours channeling the very same vibrant energy. Influenced by texture and touch, our intention behind the In Vogue Collection was to provide a crisp awakening to Autumn.

The Fall Collection will be available in our 3STEP Colour Gel Polish formula and BeBio Nail Lacquer formula.

Which nail colour formula is right for you?

Gel Polish allows for a longer period of wear, curing in an LED/UV lamp and lasting 2+ weeks for a high shine chip-free colour. With the proper prep, application and when coupled with our top selling Upgraded Dual Pack, our 3STEP Colour Gel Polish will also help strengthen and promote natural nail growth. This zero shrinkage and self-leveling gel polish formula offers an easy soak-off removal for fuss-free colour changes.

For our avid nail colour changers, try our BeBio Nail Lacquers for an air-dry and simple wipe-off formula, providing up to 7+ days of colourful wear. Protect your natural nails from staining and keep the shine on with the pairing of our BeBio Dual Pack. Can’t decide? Get the best of both worlds with the 3STEP Matching Set.

Cue the music and hit the lights as we now give you the first official sneak peek of every single nail colour in the In Vouge Fall 2022 Collection as we strut into the four new warm tone shades of the upcoming season.

1049 Redy-to-Wear
A mulberry red in a solid finish.

1050 In Vogue
A pink nosegay in a solid finish.

1051 Haute Couture
A caramel coffee brown in a solid finish.

1052 Avant-Garde
An amazon green in a solid finish.

The In Vogue Fall 2022 Collection is set to be released on September 20th, 2022. Be sure to mark your calendars for the premiere date and stay tuned for exclusive launch promotions coming your way!

We are welcoming Autumn 2022 with open and chic arms (and hands!). May the new Fall season and our In Vogue Collection bring you light and love to inspire restoration and exploration.

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We want to know what your favourite new colour is from the In Vogue Fall 2022 Collection. Which formula will you try it in - 3STEP Colour Gel Polish, BeBio Nail Lacquer or both? Let us know in the comments below for a chance to win a $25 BSG e-Gift Card!

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In Vogue! Perfect for fall, all the colors are so on trend. Thank you! Cannot wait for launch!

Jackie Gioia September 11, 2022

This collection is perfect for this fall 🤩 I admire how you keep up with the trends in the fashion world and because I’m such a fan of pink #bsginvogue stole my heart, I’ll be wearing the 3 step collection! They’re all perfect shades though so I can’t wait to get them for my studio.

Brionna Moore September 09, 2022

1052 Avant-Garde

I have just about every green bsg gel and this one is perfect for fall, sports, and Christmas nail art! Can’t wait to get!!!

Marge September 07, 2022

Avant Garde!!!!!! Omg that green is a dream! I’ll definitely be purchasing the bundle when they’re released

Deanna September 07, 2022

I am super excited for The mulberry red 1049 Redy-to-Wear. Looks so beautiful. Can’t wait to try it!

Lizbeth D. September 07, 2022

I love the 3-step gel polish! I can’t wait to try out 1052 Avant-Garde!

Cayla September 07, 2022

I’me excited to try them all but the 1049 Ready to Wear is a unique red and is so pretty!

Barbara September 07, 2022

I love Redy-To-Wear in 3 step! Gorgeous!!!!

Dana September 07, 2022

I am super excited for every release but Fall is my favorite season!

Barbara M September 07, 2022

Super excited for this months release. Fall is my favorite season and I know my clients are going to love the Vogue collection. Haute Couture in the 3-step color gel is the shade I am looking forward to trying in person the most!

Holly Loss September 07, 2022

the 1051 Haute Couture It’s a very nice fall color. I even love the name of the Polish. I can see myself wearing this with some dark golden /mustard colors to combine clothing with.

Tio Benitez September 07, 2022

I really like the ready to wear color and how beautiful the red shade is. It’s not too heavy and it’s not too pale. Is just that right balance.

genesis benitez September 07, 2022

hands down 1049 Ready to Wear is such a nice Red. It has different shades of somewhere in between that Like red but with some pink undertone in it.

Edis Buezo-Benitez September 07, 2022

I will use the 3 step gel polish in this. I’m excited for some new shades specially the avant garde

Rita September 07, 2022

I will use the 3 step gel polish in this. I’m excited for some new shades specially the avant garde

Rita September 07, 2022

I’m Stuck between Avant-garde and haute couture ! Stunning

Joi Carrillo September 07, 2022

Im in love with the new 1052 Avant-Garde i would try it in the 3 step colour gel polish formula !!!

Jennifer Zelaya September 07, 2022

I am such a sucker for a good emerald green. Love Avant-Garde and I’m also kind of eyeing Haute Couture!

Maddy September 07, 2022

The shade I want to try are 1052 avant- garde & 1051 haute corture

Khayla Ginter September 07, 2022

The shade I want to try is 1052 Avant-Garde!! I want to get the gel 3 step!

Linnea September 07, 2022

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