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Gel nails without the use a LED or UV lamp? Only unheard of if you don’t know about SolarCure, and we are here to spill! SolarCure is a unique feature found only in our UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish. This feature allows UNITY to cure (or dry in layman’s term) using light from the sun! (Note: UNITY will also cure in a LED/UV lamp for the seasoned gel polish wearers) The results? Same as if you were to cure in a LED or UV lamp- a shiny and long-lasting gel manicure.

Is SolareCure Right For You?

SolarCure is most ideal for home-users and for those that are starting out with gel polish, as it allows first timers to not commit to having to purchase a lamp but still get a gel manicure. SolarCure also comes in handy for moments when you want to do your nails but you are on the go. It is the unexpected feature that you didn’t know you needed until the right moment comes (which when that moment does come. you’ll be glad SolarCure is there!)

How exactly does SolarCure work?

SolarCure works in a similar fashion as how gel polish cures in a LED/UV lamp, but instead of the light from an LED or UV bulb, the UV light from the sun will also be able to cure and harden the UNITY Gel Polish. Below are some tips and guidelines when you use SolarCure:

  • SolarCure requires the use of the sun, so make sure that the sun is out and visible. We recommend a sunny day, from 12pm-3pm.
  • Keep the UNITY Gel Polish bottle away from visible sun when you are doing your gel manicure- we want dry nails in the end, not a dried-up bottle! This means, you should always paint indoors, and go outside only when you are ready to cure.
  • When using UNITY Gel Polish, you do not need to apply a base and top gel polish as it is already in the formula. This makes it most ideal for first time gel users as you don’t need a lamp, base or top! (Note: If you do choose to use a BSG base and top gel polish for added protection or strengthening, the base will require the use of a lamp, however the No-Wipe Top can also cure in the sun)

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Comment below your favourite UNITY shade and let us know if you have tried SolarCure before! Every comment will also double as an entry for a chance to win a UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish so you can try SolarCure out! One winner will be contacted by email on August 18th 2021. Must be 18+ to enter and a resident of USA.

For all Canada residents, to leave a comment on our Canada blog click here.

Giveaway closed: Winner is Chaia B.


This is such a healthier alternative than using the UV/LED machines! My favorite unity color is Salt & Sand.

Karen August 11, 2021

Olive is my favorite color right now in the unity all in one gel. I can’t wait to try solar cure. I hope to be chosen in the giveaway.

Chaia Byrdsong August 09, 2021

I am in forever endless love with the Unity all in one gels. My favorite color right now would have to be the color Olivet Honestly I couldn’t live without bio seaweed base & top coat. For those times that I can not wear colored gels. I have turned all of my friends & family onto bio seaweed unity all in one. Now they all too are huge fans & love the wearability, the color range & everything about your products. I havent tried solarcure but would absolutely love too.

Chaia Byrdsong August 09, 2021

I love the Bio Seaweed Gel polish so much that I bring it to my manicurist for my manicures.. I even got her to buy the product. My nails have never looked so good 😊! Thank you Mary 🙏😊

Mary Burgess August 04, 2021

I absolutely love Unity Gel Polish. I have yet to try it using solarcure but will definitely be giving it a shot. So thankful for a cleaner gel polish and natural way of drying 🤍

Sarah August 04, 2021

Wow I can’t believe there’s a gel polish that allows purely the sun to cure it! So genius! I think my favorite shade would be Milkshake! I have yet to try SolarCure!

Brittney August 04, 2021

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