UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish

UNITY Purples

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Colour: 114 Fairy Dust

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Enjoy a quicker gel polish application with UNITY, a unique one-step gel polish formula that combines our No-Sanding Base, Colour and No-Wipe Top all-in-one bottle.

114 Fairy Dust - Brown purple shimmer, solid finish
141 Gem - Deep violet, solid finish
143 Raisin - Medium plum, solid finish
145 Violet Bloom - Deep purple, solid finish
164 Rose Dust - Frost medium purple, solid finish
170 Lavender - Dark orchid, solid finish
173 Wild Berry - Deep plum shimmer, solid finish
174 Dark Romance - Deep wine purple, solid finish
176 Cerise - Medium magenta purple, jelly finish
177 Sugar Berry - Dusty rose purple, solid finish
178 Purple Dream - Medium dark magenta, jelly finish
185 Pixie Dust - Pink purple shimmer, solid finish
196 Elegant - Plum purple sparkle, solid finish
209 Celebration - Deep royal purple, solid finish
213 Starstruck - Deep purple, solid finish
226 Wicked - Deep plum purple, solid finish
227 Mauve It - Dusty medium purple, solid finish
238 Maroon - Dark burgundy purple, solid finish
239 Funky Fuschia - Deep pink purple shimmer, solid finish
242 Pink Sky - Medium lilac purple, solid finish
243 Regal - Mulberry purple, solid finish
244 Sweetheart - Raven purple shimmer, solid finish
252 Fredericton - Mauve purple, solid finish
256 Ottawa - Orchid purple, solid finish
258 Regina - Dark iris purple, solid finish
259 St Johns - Dusty violet, solid finish
270 Merry-Go-Round - Bright violet, solid finish
271 Tea Cups - Pastel lilac purple, solid finish
276 Taro Slush - Light lilac, solid finish


  • Provides 2+ weeks of high shine chip-free nails
  • Strengthens and promotes natural nail growth
  • Applies onto natural nail or over artificial extensions


  • One-step gel polish with base, colour, top and nail strengtheners all-in-one
  • Cures to the touch with no tacky inhibition layer
  • No discolouration or staining of natural nails
  • No shrinking or wrinkling, self-leveling formula
  • No air-dry time, cures in LED/UV lamp
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • Easy soak-off removal
  • 60+ applications per bottle
  • Ideal for at-home use; SolarCure without the use of LED/UV lamp
  • 153+ colours choices

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