Dip Powder System

Dip Whites, Greys & Blacks

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Colour: Dip 01 White

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Achieve superior nail strength with the BSG Dip Powder System, an alternative system to gel and acrylic. 

01 White - Pure white, solid finish
05 Cotton Angel - Cloudy white, sheer finish
06 Crystal Ball - Clear with silver sparkles, sheer finish
22 Shooting Star - White with silver glitter, solid finish
28 Silver Lining - Frosted off-white with silver sparkles, solid finish
34 Coconut - Nude creme, sheer finish
52 Whimsical - Grey with holographic sparkles, solid finish
57 Mousse - Nude grey taupe, solid finish
78 Mother of Pearl - Iridescent grey with shimmer, solid finish
79 Treasure Chest - Charcoal grey with shimmer, solid finish
82 Siren - Medium green grey, sheer finish
83 Are You Shore? - Light taupe grey, sheer finish
96 Prophecy - Light grey, solid finish
99 Mystical - Light grey blue with sparkle, sheer finish
1006 Amy - Light smoke grey, solid finish
1008 Sarah - True black, solid finish
1009 Snow Bare - Sheer soft white, solid finish
1015 Wonderland - Frosted silver with sparkles, solid finish
1016 Midnight Kiss - Black with sparkle, solid finish
1023 Sweater Weather - Dark blue grey, sold finish


  • Provides 2+ weeks of superior strength and chip-free colour when used with Dip Liquids
  • Promotes natural nail growth
  • Applies onto natural nail or over artificial extensions
  • 2-in-1 formula can create traditional acrylic with choice of monomer  


  • Speedy application
  • Air-dry with no LED/UV lamps needed
  • 30+ applications per jar
  • Odour-free 
  • Soak-off removal
  • Available in inspired shades of 3STEP Colour Gel Polish and BeBio Nail Lacquer 
  • 114 colour choices

Click here for full instruction steps

Since the Dip Liquids are air-dry products, it is normal that they can get dried over time. 
To ensure they stay in their best shape, they must be cleansed and sealed tightly after each use. 

DO NOT FORCE STUCK BOTTLES OPEN. This may cause glass bottles to shatter. 

We highly recommend to use #5 Brush Saver for bottles that are unable to open. The purpose of #5 Brush Saver is to effectively cleanse, and dissolve any solidified dip powder on brushes both in-between and after use

To open stuck bottles:
Place in very warm water for 2-3 minutes. This will help loosen the dried product. 
After 5 minutes, carefully remove from water and swipe #5 Brush Saver around the rim of your bottle and open slowly.
If bottle is still not opening, repeat steps with warmer water.

To clean hardened brushes:
Simply insert the hardened brush into #5 Brush Saver and allow a few minutes to dissolve. 
You can also opt to swap the #5 Cap + Brush with the hardened bottle regardless of which type.

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