Sculpting Gel System

Builder X Sculpting Gel

$65 USD
Colour: Clear Builder X

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Use the extra strength Builder X Sculpting Gel as the key product to create the length and strength of the nail enhancements. Eliminates heat spikes.

Ideal for weaker nails or longer extensions.

Available in Clear and Pink colour choices.

Individual Size: 25mL (0.85 fl. oz)

  • Strengthen gel overlays, fortify artificial tip or sculpting extensions
  • No primers or bonders required
  • No heavy sanding required prior to application
  • No staining or discolouration to nails
  • No air-dry time, cures in LED/UV lamp
  • Self-leveling formula
  • Flexible and does not crack
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • Easy soak-off removal 30+ applications per jar


Sculpting Gel System can be used together to strengthen natural nails, fortify artificial tip extensions and create sculpted gel extensions. Our Sculpting Gel System offers strength like a hard gel but is a soak-off removal.

Click here to download PDF Overlay Instructions

Click here to download PDF Sculpted Gel Extensions Instructions 

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Hanni Rosenfeld

I love to use Bio Seaweed Gel on my clients I feel safe to use that product it’s much more healthy and the consistency are amazing Very easy to apply

Excellent Sculpting Gel!

As a nail artist, I have tried many professional gels on the market. I wish I had used this years ago. I love the no primer option. These gels are easy to use with excellent self-levelling properties. Easily lasts until next fill (3-4 weeks). Great product line!!

Elizabeth J
Perfect Builder

One of my favorite builders to use, the pink is so natural and self leveling is A++. The Clear builder is great for an overlay or to encapsulate gems/flowers on the nails.

Took all day but….

I am so so happy with this! It’s going to take some practice but I’m impressed! Now we wait to see if they’ll last :)

Michelle Walls

I just purchased the bioseaweed building gel and used it on my original nail. I followed instructions but after 24 hours they are popping off. The jar says you are not required to use a base … I tried with and without and made no difference. The base coat I used was not the same brand. Any advice?

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for taking the time to review our Builder X Sculpting Gel.

We apologize for the less than perfect wear. With proper prep and application, we assure you it should last 2+ weeks without peeling.

Tips to avoid peeling: prep nails with pushing back cuticles, light buff and cleanse with 70% alcohol. Application of builder gel should always be layered over a cured base gel. Make sure to cure each layer for 2 minutes in an LED lamp or 3 minutes in a UV Lamp.

If after trying these troubleshooting tips you are still experiencing issues, please contact us at and we can help provide more in-depth personal help!

Best Regards,

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